Lead Builder

Rylan, a six year veteran of First Robotics, is the affable leader of our engineering team, who makes the lab a fun place to work. Rylan is an avid fisherman, who enjoys the outdoors and working on mechanical projects with his father. His mechanical ambitions know no bounds, as he takes apart and reconstructs anything that comes his way, even his own car! Running out of things to keep him busy, Rylan’s parents regard First Robotics as their savior, the perfect outlet for his mechanical energy. Rylan enjoys working with other teams and acquiring skills as he works on his goal of becoming an engineer. His greatest accomplishment has been overcoming the difficulty of not thinking outside the box and often surprising other teams with his creativity. For Rylan, FTC is a place where teams come together to compete in friendly battles, but his favorite part about building a robot is constructing a robot around a challenge and competing with it.

Build Team