We are working with schools and organizations around Texas to ensure that students have as many educational opportunities in STEM concepts as possible and to hopefully inspire them to continue the FIRST robotics legacy. We also pursue educational opportunities for our own members and school to better prepare and educate us for our future. We work with many mentors from educators to FIRST alumni to learn the most efficient method for any and all endeavors. In doing so, we ensure that FIRST alumni stay connected with the FIRST community and continue to spread the word years after graduation.

At the beginning of the season, we noticed that every year, numerous first-year FTC teams join our home league in Austin only to drop FTC shortly after. To remedy this, […]

We were interviewed by our head of school on how we were impacting our local community and our plan to continue to reach out and perform well at competitions for […]

Our Robotics Showcase provided an opportunity for both prospective students and representatives from local companies to learn about FIRST, our Robotics Team, and our goal of promoting STEM initiatives within […]

Team 12928 traveled across Texas to the city of Dallas. Once in Dallas, the team went to Cowboys’ Stadium to participate in the YTexas summit, an organization bringing together business […]

St. Gabriel’s Catholic School and St. Michael’s Catholic Academy (us) joined forces amounting to approximately 750 students for a service day, during which the LightSaders introduced this season’s game to […]

Over the summer, we invited team 8886, Saber Robotics from St. Gabriel’s, and any interested students at St. Michael’s to a week-long summer camp where we introduced them to the […]

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