In the beginning of the season, we noticed that many rookie teams only compete for one season. We organized our Rookie Invitational to give first and second year programs the opportunity to compete in a tournament tailored to their needs. Our goal was to boost engagement in FIRST and inspire these inexperienced teams to continue their FIRST journey. On March 4, the Lightsaders will present our Rookie Invitational, featuring alliance selection, elimination matches, judged awards, and a volunteer staff made up of veteran FTC team members.

Our Team

FTC Team #12928, LightSaders, entered the First Robotics universe as a rookie team in 2016.  In our inaugural year, we made it to World’s in Houston and represented ourselves well among some of the best teams in the FIRST Robotics program. Since then, we’ve become stronger and more confident in all aspects of FTC competition.

Our Robot

We were already working on our chassis before the reveal!  Now that we know what this year’s challenge will entail, we have hit the drawing board, the keyboards, and the lab to design a “power-ful ” robot for this year’s game.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to be the strongest contender in this season’s competitions…ALL OF THEM.  Not only are we building a “power-ful” robot, but we are also working on our team’s visibility on and off the playing field.  Yes, we’ve got our eye on more than one award!

Many Thanks to Our 2022-2023 Season Sponsors & Partners for Supporting Us!

Gratitude to Our 2021-2022 Season Sponsors & Partners