Lead CAD Designer

Ethan, a genius in the CAD world, leads our CAD design team, creating 3-D models in Solidworks. He has been on our team for four years and has worked on First Robotics for five years using his gift for solving even the most complex problems our team faced. Originally, Ethan’s only passion was tennis, but an introduction to Robotics piqued his curiosity, which blossomed to make Robotics his obsession (he often does an unhealthy amount of research on the newest designs to improve our Robot!). He is a diligent designer, and no challenge seems too high for him, so he enjoys the unique puzzle of building a different robot every year. From tough competitions, he has learned what it means to be part of a team, to be a leader, and above all, a “Gracious Professional.” For Ethan, the moment where it all comes together after multiple design iterations, many prototypes, and hard work, motivates him to continue developing his skills and inspire others who underestimate the power of CADing.