William, a natural, experienced programmer, has been a part of FTC for four years. He has been aspiring to participate in robotics since second grade when he was introduced to programming and robotics and was officially hooked. In fifth grade, he watched the St. Gabriel’s team advance to the world championship which ignited his interest even more. In his sixth grade year, he joined the team and became the lead programmer the next year. In his free time, he enjoys practicing the piano, playing with his three younger siblings, and recently was hired as a mechanic working on classic cars, so, naturally, he feels a strong connection with all things engineering-related. He enjoys the endless challenges presented by FIRST and works diligently after school (and on weekends and holidays especially) to better both the team and his own skills. His favorite facet of FIRST is the way every year, a new game is released, keeping people on their toes. He enjoys navigation in the Autonomous period because one can always be more accurate and can always be more confused. He enjoys the competition to have the most efficient program and is excited to further his knowledge for years to come.