Hardware Mentor

If wisdom comes with age, then he would be the exception. The still young Mr. David Pierce is a scholar, a dynamic engineer, an accomplished musician, and a mentor for our team. If Henry Ford is considered an engineering master, then Mr. Pierce would be without a doubt the Leonardo de Vinci of robotics. When he is not dreaming up masterpieces, Mr. Pierce enjoys playing guitar and soccer. He joined FIRST as a way to help out on his son’s middle school team, but even after his son left for college, he has continued to mentor because he enjoys sharing knowledge and helping the team succeed. His professional experience has prepared him for the hardware mentor role, and he enjoys teaching teams throughout the engineering, the design process, strategy/preparation for the matches, and gameday activities. Mr. Pierce strives to build and support effective teamwork and gracious professionalism for our team. Mr. Pierce sees FTC as the perfect vehicle to introduce the world of engineering to middle and high school students in a fun format. His favorite part of FTC is watching the growth of students as they solve problems and learn to build!